Steroid Shots Are A Pretty Common Back Pain Treatment

This is something to watch out for anytime someone gets an epidural for spinal pain. Steroid injections are generally reserved for the most severe cases of back pain. A person could either be in the limbo state of not being a “good surgical candidate” or, they may actually have a surgery scheduled, but are in so much pain that they cannot wait for the procedure.

In general, epidurals work well. At least that’s what my patients tell me. It’s a procedure that is very targeted and is sometimes painful right afterwards. However, if the doc has got the needle in the right spot.

Even if you do have an epidural injection that does take the pain away for a period of time, you will still need to change your life style. A regular brisk walking program will actually relieve some of the pressure on the spinal nerves because trunk rotation shifts the spinal stresses to alternating sides and this has been shown to reduce spinal stress.

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CHICAGO — Millions of people get steroid shots in their backs to relieve pain. Now they are probably wondering if it’s safe.

In 23 states, hundreds, possibly thousands, of back-pain patients are being warned to watch for symptoms of meningitis because of a custom-mixed steroid solution that may have been contaminated with fungus. Five people have died and more than 40 others have fallen ill.

Doctors who do these injections say they are extremely safe when done correctly with sterile drugs. And many doctors stick to medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration instead of relying on generally less-regulated “compounding pharmacies” like the Massachusetts company implicated in the outbreak.

“If I was a patient, I would definitely be concerned,” said Dr. Michael Schafer, an orthopedic specialist at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital.