Burning Pain During Pregnancy

Burning Pain During Pregnancy:Hip Pain-Our Solution

Back and burning pain during pregnancy was something my wife experienced when she was carrying our second child. This seemed to come on more at night time than it did in the day. My suspicion was that it was because she wasn’t as active at night as she was in the day. But, the position of lying doing on either side probably had a lot to do with it too.

Like most women, she had the usual back pain across the lower back. And, she also complained about the sciatica symptoms down the back of her thigh. However, her burning pain during pregnancy was generally in her hips on the sides of her pelvis.

To relieve some of her pain and help her get a little more sleep, we found that massaging each hip while it was in a certain position gave her the most relief. We tried to make a point of doing it on a regular basis before she tried going to sleep. Sometimes she was able to sleep most of the night only having to get up to go pee.

Burning Pain During Pregnancy Woke Her Up At Night

Other times, though, the buzzing and burning in her hips would actually wake her up out of a sound (well, sort of sound) sleep. Since I’m a lighter sleeper than she is, I would wake up too.

But, this wasn’t really a problem. I would just get her into the same position and start to massage each leg for 5-10 minutes a piece. After that, she’d feel a whole lot better and be able to get back to sleep.

I know that a lot of women out there are probably dealing with the same issues my wife had to deal with. So, this blog post is going to share with everyone how we did this simple massage to relieve her hips and burning pain during pregnancy.

Burning Pain During Pregnancy: Massage Position

The above position is what we tried to get her into. It worked best when the leg was extended behind her rather than her being in the fetal position. In fact, she seemed to be always in the fetal position. If you think about it, when you’re sitting, you’re still sort of in the fetal position.

You may have to support the extended leg with a pillow or towel roll if it’s too uncomfortable to let it hang off the bed. But, when it does hang off the bed, the hip will get a better stretch. At least that’s what we found.

The area that we ended up getting the most benefit from was the high on the thigh and near her pelvic bone. She said that when I massaged this area, not only did it feel good (my wife never turns down a massage), but, she could actually feel that it made something different. Different in a good way. She really couldn’t explain it. It was like a “release” of something.

The massage strokes that I found that worked the best on this burning pain during pregnancy was longer strokes along the length of her thigh, not across her thigh from side to side.

We used baby oil, or, some other oil if the baby oil wasn’t handy. I tried using lotion but it dried out too fast and I found that I was actually rubbing a little too hard on her skin. But, I also found out that too much oil made a mess and I had to wipe it off before she put that hip on the bed. If not, the sheets got too oily.

I tried to make sure each hip got the same treatment. Some times this was tough if she had a hard time getting into the right position. I also worked up and down the front of her thigh but most of the time I was working on the hip. Like I said above, I spent between 5-10 minutes on each hip. That was a total of 20 minutes or so. In the middle of the night it seemed longer.

There are some other things that we did to help her get through her other issues of pain. But this was the system that we worked out to help her sleep at night. For her hips, we found that massaging her in the stretched position help to get rid of that burning pain during pregnancy.