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About Me

I have been involved in fitness and regular exercise since I was a teenager. My first fitness love started with martial arts and basketball. With martial arts strength training, primarily with bodyweight exercises, and flexibility were my main focus. When I played basketball, I focused on agility and endurance. Looking back on it, I had been cross training without even knowing it.

Like many I’m sure, I was hooked after I saw my first Bruce Lee movie. His philosophy of “keeping what is useful and discarding what’s not” has followed me since. To me it made perfect sense because who wants to waste time on something that isn’t needed or prodcutive? I sure didn’t.

I have kept the same outlook in my professional life. I have been a physical therapist for over 16 years and have made it a point to make helping people overcome their particular pain or mobility problems as simply as possible.

The best way I have found to do this is to first identify exactly what’s causing their pain. Then take the time to educate my patients as to what it is and how they can actually take control and do something about it.

What This Blog Is About

This blog is primarily for a couple of groups of people. Those of you who are searching for information on back pain and solutions for it. And, also anyone who feels the need to get started improving their fitness level but doesn’t really know where to start.

For those who have had to deal with sore backs because of pulled, tight, or weak muscles, my objective is to give you some information to help you understand what may be going on with you. And, I definitely want to give you some encouragement and tips to get you going in the right fitness direction.

For others who may be trapped behind a desk for most of the day or have been on the sidelines for a little while I want to give some tips on how you can get started improving your fitness level too.

A lot of the time, because there is just so much information out there, people just don’t know where to start first. Having a health back and fit lifestyle doesn’t need to be complicated. Just focus on what works and is beneficial and get rid of the rest.

And, of course, this little labor of love is a work in progress. I want it to be as good as it can be and I want you to enjoy reading it. So, I’d appreciate and encourage any comments, constructive criticism, civil objections, and compliments (hmm… all “Cs”), that anyone cares to give and will do my best in the time I have to address them all.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Bryan,
    I have been having sciatica pain since 1 month. I went to chiropractor and spent more than 500 dollars but didn’t get complete relief although the frequency of symptoms reduced. I also have pain in right back sometimes. I also took 5 massage therapy sessions as well.

    I have been running since 2 yrs and now I am worried I can’t do that like before. I think the sciatic pain started when I started doing dead lift exercise at the gym.

    I sometimes feel depressed that this pain is not going away even after 1 month.

    Any ideas to help my situation ? Who do you recommend to see. Thanks !

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